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Free And Open Source Softwares And Linux

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    "name": "Sabin Nepal",
    "study": ["Seventh Semester","B.Sc.CSIT","NIST Banepa"],
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    "github": "cdrrazan",
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Word of Caution

How we ended up using Linux!!

What's Free Software?

The users have the freedom to run,copy,distribute,study,change and improve the software.

  • Software that respects user's freedom and community
  • Matter Of Liberty Not Price, which everyone deserves

Software Freedoms

  • Freedom 0: Run The Program As You Wish
  • Freedom 1: Access the source code, study how program works and change it

Software Freedoms

  • Freedom 2: Redistribute copies so you can help your neighbour
  • Freedom 3: Distribute copies of the modified versions

Free Software != Freeware

What's Open Source?

  • Developed as public collaboration and made publicly available
  • Technically Superior than Proprietary Softwares

Open Source vs Free Softwares

Some Awesome Open Source Projects

Programming languages Frameworks Applications
GCC = C,C++,Go Bootstrap Docker
Java AngularJS Vagrant
Lisp Spring Atom
Perl Ionic Framework EMACS
C# ReactJS MongoDB
Python Wordpress MySql
Ruby Rails Apache Spark
Bash Shell NodeJS Redis

What is Linux ?

Linux is the open source computer operating system based on UNIX.

  • "Linux" == "Kernel" + set of tools,services and programs
  • Also called GNU/Linux
  • Developed In Collaboration Of People Around The World
  • More than 18 million lines of code

History and Evolution

  • Started = April 1991, Announced = August 1991
  • Free And Open Source Alternative To Minix
  • Originally named: Freak + x = "Freax"

Where is Linux?

It's Everywhere.

Some Stats

  • Of the top one million domains,Linux is the operating system for 95% of them
  • Over 86.2% of smartphones run Anroid
  • Among Top 500 Fastest Supercomputers In The World,More Than 98% Of Them Run On Linux
  • 99.8% mainframe computers use Linux
  • More than 75% of cloud-enabled enterprises use Linux as their primary cloud platform
  • Amazon,Facebook,Google and many more…

Why use Linux?

So why bother learning a completely different computing environment?

  • Because It's Open Source
  • Zero Cost Of Entry
  • Stable, Reliable and Secure
  • Huge community and very rapid bug fixes
  • Package Management
  • Compatibility
  • Fun and Easy to use

Linux Vs Other Operating Systems

HoW To Get Started?

  • Determine ur Use Case
  • Learn the basics
  • Grab a distribution
  • Start with a hypervisor and a book

What's a distribution?

Some Drawbacks Not Linux?

  • Gaming
  • For purpose specific softwares
  • Linux is Ugly

Linux File System


  • Linux is the most prolific software ever written
apt-get source linux-image-$(uname -r)

For more information

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